Featured in

Recipe Contests

Recipe Contest of Tokyo Tasty Films Festival
"Lorraine Style Cheese Cake" (savory Boursine flavour cheese cake) was awarded
as the most tasty hors-d'oeuvre for wines, then Grand Prix out of 777 recipes

Orange Page net/S&B Food the 7th Spice Contest
"Garlic & Sage Focaccia" was awarded Grand Prix
Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers All Day Buffet Restaurant - Compass Recipe Contest
 "Butterflied Pork Stuffed with Shiitake Mushroom with Apple Gravy" was awarded Grand Prix

Orange Page net/Nippon Meat Packers Ham Party Dish Contest
 "Sausage & Garlic Mash" was awarded Director's prize

Cookpad/Kit Kat Cool Sweets Contest
 "Otonano Ice Cream" was awarded Kit Kat prize
Cookpad/Marudai Food Eco Recipe Contest
 "Japanese Potato Salad" was awarded Marudai prize

TV Shows

"Orange & Cilantro Chicken" in KTCS9's cooking program - 15 Delicious Years

Magazines, Books, DVD

"Japanese-style Bitter Melon Quiche" appeared in a book -
Goya Banzai published by Chikyumaru
"Apple Jelly" and "Homemade Korean BBQ Sauce" appeared in a local magazine -
You Magazines
"Amber Pears" appeared in a local newspaper -
Sports J (San Francisco)
"6 party recipes including Roast Beef, Coq au vin and etc., appeared in a Japanese free newspaper -
Soy Source

"Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) appeared in a female magazine -
Jose Seven published by Shogakukan
"Orange & Cilantro Chicken" featured in both the recipe book and DVD -
15 Delicious Years published by KCTS9

"Yorkshire Pudding" featured in a childrens encyclopedia -
Tabemono Hakase ni Naro published by Poplar Publishing

Restaurant Menu

"Butterflied Pork Stuffed with Shiitake Mushroom with Apple Gravy" was included in Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Tower Compass Restaurant's buffet menu

Web Sites

 "English Breakfast Porridge", "Cottage Cheese and Tomato Salad", "Reuben Sandwich", "Cabbage Dolmades" and "English Muffin" featured in Recipe Blog
"Marinated Deep-fried Bacon-style Pork Belly and Eggplant Somen Noodle" featured in Nikkei Woman 

"Minestrone", "Corned Beef & Cabbage" and "Octopus Rice" featured in Recipe Blog
"Octopus Rice" and "Matutake Mushroom Rice" featured in a mobile site - Escala Mobile
"Morning Gratin (Oven Poached Egg)" featured in Cookpad
"Roast Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic" featured in Orange Page net

"Pork Pie" featured in Orange Page net

"Yorkshire Pudding", "Thai Seafood Curry" and "Cottage Pie" featured in Recipe Blog
"Nicoise Salad" and "Frittat" featured in Ameblo
"Pasta Nero (Past with Squid Ink Sauce)" featured in Orange Page net