Basic Charge (up to 2 people)
$100.00 per two people per hour.

Extra Charges (more than 3 people)
$20.00 per person per hour will be added to the basic charge.

Above charges include teaching (or cooking time in case of personal chef), standard ingredients, and traveling cost to your home or nominated venue.  Other costs, i.e., cost for hiring venue if applicable, are all your responsibility.

These prices are based on the meal cooked with standard quality ingredients.  If you particularly prefer a higher quality of food, i.e., expensive parts of meat, seasonal fish, unusual ingredients, organic ingredients etc., an additional cost will be charged according to the prices of that time.

Durations of lessons (or preparations time in case of personal chef) will vary from dish to dish that you select.  (See below for some ideas of hours.) 

One casserole dish or roast meal including 2 to 3 side dishes requires about 3 hours, and a casserole dish or roast meal as the main course of a 3 course meal requires at least 4 hours.  One pastry dish with a small side dish and Japanese cookery both require 2 hours minimum.