I was born in Japan.  When I was 30 I left Japan for the UK and lived there for 14 years.  During my time in the UK, I learnt how to cook various British and Irish dishes.

In 2005, I married a Welsh man who spent most of his youth in foreign countries. From his overseas experiences, my husband was very familiar with international cuisines including Latin, Middle Eastern, Asian, American etc and cooked those dishes for me.  Because of his influence, I became more and more interested in cooking exotic dishes and gradually extended my culinary knowledge.

My husband and I moved to Tokyo in 2006 and in the autumn of 2008, I started an international culinary class called "Cookinglish" (combined Cooking with English), aiming to raise opportunities for Japanese housewives to share my knowledge of cooking and extend their circle of friends.

Most dishes that I introduced to my students were very new to them and they loved the new tastes and enjoyed the cooking as well as a very friendly atmosphere of my class. Initially, the class started with only six participants, but by word of mouth, shortly doubled in size.

In 2010, I had to stop my cooking class temporarily to move to here Seattle's East side with my husband.

I am now restarting my cooking classes to continue sharing my cooking knowledge with new people of my neighborhood.

Cookinglish has been powered up and reborn as Wabi Savvy Cooking here in US, providing not only cooking classes but also unique events - "Cooking Parties" and more.